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Ron Bauer
Admin: May I offer a warm welcome to Ron Bauer.

I have read many favourable reviews of the works of this outstanding magician and have been impressed by the quality of his productions, having seen these as they passed through my hands at the Magic Bunny shop.

You may find the following link of interest to get a flavour of the work that this fine magician has initiated:

Thank you so much Ron for sparing a week of your time in visiting these forums. I do hope that you may enjoy your time here. I know that our membership will learn so much from your presence.

Very best wishes,

Michael Jay: Yes, thank you Ron for taking your time to be our guest speaker for February and welcome to Magic Bunny. You're going to find our members "shoot from the hip," so be prepared for some difficult questions.

A bit of history about Mr. Bauer for the members:

Ron had his own local troupe in Michigan, entertaining kids as well as adults, during the '70s. An interesting tid-bit is that Ron and his troupe were using muppet-like creatures long before the Muppet Show hit the airwaves.

Ron was good friends with Ed Marlo, knew Dai Vernon well and is terrifically versed in the history of magic - almost encyclopaedic in fact. Ron also runs a weekly magic Round Table discussion that is open to all magicians who would like to attend and he welcomes any and all who would wish to join in on Monday nights.

Ron's sleight of hand ability is second to none - I've seen his skills with my own eyes and can verify that he is exceptionally talented. In fact, one of the first things the man ever showed me was an appearance of a huge (and I mean huge) ball bearing...Open handed - took me right out of the blue, the thing weighed right around a pound (possibly more!).

Ron is the author of "The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series" ( and from everything I've read from these books, they are high quality and highly recommended. You can read my review of the first three of the series in the reviews - Admin has given you the link to these, above.

We are truly blessed with good luck to have Ron as our speaker for the next week.

Lady of the Rings: When you got started in magic, what were your ambitions, and did you reach them?

Are the ambitions you have now, the same ones you started with, or have you achieved all you ambitions and are completely satisfied with the level of magic you have reached?

RBauer: The truth is, except for some flights as fancy during my very early teens, I've never had a strong desire to be a professional magician.

It's a great hobby, however. And, it can help one out financially from time to time (it has for me). I must admit (well, maybe not MUST) that my interest has been sustained because I'm a devout dilettante!

Magic Chief Thomas: Hi Ron, I am just starting out in magic and I would like to know how many hours of practice do you put in a day. Thanks for your help.

Best Regards

RBauer: Alas, not nearly as much as I would like!

When I was young, I practiced every day because I enjoyed it.

Over the years I've come to believe two things about practice...

If you like to practice, you must have a talent for your work, and...

Nothing is more detrimental to success as practicing wrong!

Michael Jay: Ron, I know that you've been published, aside from you own "Private Studies Series," in several books. A couple of them I know, like "The Magic of Milt Kort" and "New Modern Coin Magic." Could you provide me a list of the magazines, periodicals and other publications that contain your material?

RBauer: The bio tells the tale (in the Library by Monday).

Gary Scott: Hi Ron,
great to see another world-renowned professional as the guest speaker. I'd like to ask you what and who are/were your influences for you to make magic a successful career.
For me, Daryl, Eugene Burger, Ed Marlo, Larry Jennings and Bill Malone help me keep inspired and to always try and improve my magic.

Best wishes.

RBauer: Hi, Gary...

Thanks for the kind words.

Most of my influences are probably people unknown to you, but I'd certainly include Ed Marlo, Milt Kort, Don Alan, John Stanfield (of Atlanta), and many others. Many of my most noteworthy influences, though, come from the theatre, not the world of magic. That's not because of preference, but because that's my background.

By the way, Larry Jennings was a magic student of mine for several years before we sent him off to the Magic Castle.

Joker: Ron, I mean to cause no offence with this question.

You are known as “the underground legend”. I understand “underground” to mean someone who is very skilled technically - but one who is not appreciated by general audiences as much as by magicians. Do you think this is a fair statement in relation to yourself?


RBauer: None taken.

But, let's correct the record. It's "THE underground legend." But, it's not to be taken seriously. I don't.

That was how Lance Pierce referred to me in a privately published book by Bill Kalush in the lead-in of a trick I called "Win at Gin!" (This will be published in an expanded and detailed form later this year, I hope!) John Dowdy and others who were putting together my website ( thought it was amusing to refer to me that way, and so that's what some have come to believe is MY choice for an alias. Ah, well...

As far as "underground" is concerned; it only refers to those who don't belong to the social and commercial part of the magic world. I doubt that exceptional abilities has that much to do with it.

Sometimes, a magician is not available for conventions and clubs and publications because of lack of time. For example, he could be spending all his time performing for the public!

Sean: I know this is the general question everyone gets asked and I'm sure you're sick of it! But, how did you get interested and started in the world of magic?

RBauer: Gradually during my adolescence.

My father bought an indecipherable magic book called "Coin Magic" by T. Nelson Downs. I not only couldn't understand, but, never having seen a magician, couldn't understand the purpose of such a book.

However, not a year later, I missed my stop while riding the bus in downtown Portland, Oregon, and saw a display in a window of a shop that drew my attention. I entered...

Lady of the Rings: I am sure you have been asked this a thousand times but...

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in magic?

RBauer: This is my first attempt at replying to anyone on a magic forum. If I'm successful (and I will only know that via feedback), I will consider it to be my greatest achievement in magic...

Lady of the Rings: Good answer

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